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  1. Steven Gillespie

    Hello all,
    I am keen to crew for the Twilight series and any other race or social sail. I have a little experience and have participated in the twilight racing up here pre 2015. I am free most day and excited to get on the water and be apart of a team. Don’t hesitate to send me a text or call 0468391000.

  2. Robbie Price

    Looking to return to NZ via yacht in next couple of months. Some ocean sailing experience – Tahiti to Rarotonga.. international radio operators license. +64221829468.

  3. Hi,

    Compared to everyone else on here, I have very little experience. I sailed dinghies as a kid and my partner and I have recently purchased a 36foot monohull. I’d love to be a casual crew member on a boat to get a bit more experience. I’m very good at being told what to do and am pretty fit and confident on the water.

    I’m hoping to do a few courses etc before we set sail. But, am just dead keen to get out on the water.

  4. Boris Marijanovic

    Hi all,

    I recently moved to Gold Coast and am hoping to get into sailing here. I lived in Sydney seven years ago and did a year of competitive onshore and offshore races on a Beneteau 32 footer.

    I am hoping to get back into sailing and can commit and attend regularly.

    Thank you,


  5. Hello all,
    I am keen to crew for the Twilight series and any other race or social sail. I have experience working on yachts in the Whitsundays and have participated in the twilight racing up there. I also shared a boat with friends in Hawaii that I learnt to sail on. I am free most day and excited to get on the water and be apart of a team. Don’t hesitate to send me a text or call 0491096899.

  6. Kate Ausburn

    Hi all,
    I’m very keen to crew for Hollywell Twilight Series and the upcoming Spring Series.
    Lived in Whitsundays spending a lot of time onboard Keelboats years ago. Completed Learn to sail Course 1&2 at SYC in Jan 2021. Skippered Pacer in TVSC Winter Race, crewed onboard multiple Corsairs including rigging and derigging. First aid current (Nurse)
    Committed to crew on regular basis.

    Kate 0400016634

  7. Hi , I’m keen to get a crew position at Hamilton race week. I race twice a week from Hollywell and also from Southport on a Wednesday and Thursdays twilight races. I’m going to Hamilton Island on Monday this coming week taking on a crewing position for a few weeks. It’s my dream to be part of the Hamilton races but my skipper missed the cut off date and is on a waiting list. so now I’m hopeful to get on another boat..
    I’m already at Hamilton Island and I’m ready to go. Call me if you need crew Ronnie 0438353374
    Many thanks

  8. Michael Napier

    I have a M63 motor yacht which is at Gladstone, need crew to take back to Gold coast leveeing next Wednesday 28/7/21
    Please call mick 0400131997

    • Thanks for the chat Michael,
      I’m a marine surveyor just seeking for some leisurely racing, cruising or deliveries having just returned to the Gold Coast.
      Good luck heading for Sydney!!
      Andy 0447614405

  9. Steve

    Skippers heading north or south, I’m an experienced sailor (with radio, bareboat skipper certificates, experience in both racing and cruising around the world) looking to help on passsages (to Airlie Beach, Melbourne, New Zealand).
    Call me to discuss: Steve 04 143 04 243

  10. Bruce Quick

    Staying at Hollywell for the next 7 weeks (or longer depending on lockdown) and looking to crew……experienced in racing inshore and offshore on X43, 43’ Grand Soleil and Beneteau 44.7 among others…….member of Palm Beach Yacht Club and Kuring Gai Motor Yacht Club..

  11. Hi Skippers,

    I’d like to join a crew racing in the Flat Rock race starting on Sat 24Jul.

    I’m on the Gold Coast for a while – I normally race out of the CYCA in Sydney on a Sydney 38. {I entered Qld before the recent Covid-19 issues arose}.

    I have been cruising and racing all my 55 years; I’m fit and can sail in any position on the boat – from helm to headsail 🙂 I have raced at local, state, national and international levels.

    If you’re looking for crew for the Flat Rock race please contact me 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Frederic Hemming
    0409 035 445

  12. Stephen

    Hello Sailors
    I have recently purchased and partly refurbished a Shaw 650 Sportsboat (4 Shaw) and need crew for SYC Hollywell races on Wednesday and Saturdays as well as Sportsboat regattas like Airlie beach. Looking for both casual experienced crew and willing to train less experienced who are committed to a regular sailing program. Contact Stephen 0403824281 or

  13. Paul hough

    Please call me 0422853633 cùrrently in Redland City marina awaiting upgrades to 40 foot sloop ocean going cheers paul ☺

  14. Tony Shaw (Owner)

    ‘No Secrets’ is a race optimised 34′ Dehler Optima keelboat with a competitive race record. I am looking for experienced or semi-experienced sailors to join our crew pool for Offshore and Twilight racing this coming season. Because we have a couple of crew in training at present I can’t take EOI’s from people without sailing experience. What I need are sailors who can come onboard, demonstrate reasonable skills and immediately add value.. Sailing must be your number one priority, It won’t work for me if sailing is one of five other activities (apart from work of course) you have on your agenda. Regular availability is essential as is the ability to communicate. I’m also looking for sailors who understand what commitment means and sailors who can demonstrate that they want to be part of a team intending to succeed at a reasonably high level. If you think this is you, call Tony on 0411 429 527.

  15. rohan smith

    Hi there looking to gain some experience and meet new people. we have moved from Rockhampton to tweed. I am an active person and would like to crew on a sailing boat. I would like to purchase a sailing boat in the next year or so. Available most days, very flexible with times. I don’t have much experience.

  16. Jane

    Easygoing, competent yacht crew available on weekends. Lots of race, regatta and delivery experience both inshore and offshore over 20 years (~45,000nm). Have current Sea Safety & Radio certs & can easily renew First Aid if needed. Previously Sydney, now Brisbane based.

    • Tony Shaw

      Morning Jane, if you are still available could you give me a call on 0411 429 527. Cheers, Tony Shaw

  17. Tama

    Hi All
    Looking to crew on any crossing to nz
    Have experience in ocean sails
    Off coast of nz tall ships 10 days at sea watch shifts over night sails bow to stern aloft etc very saftey consious
    Have little experience in small race days on melbourne and otago harbours
    Much rough sea experience in small farries
    Cant go below 😂

  18. Hi family!

    I’m Jae. I’m a 28y.o woman from the Northern Rivers.

    I’m looking to crew on a boat heading up to far North Queensland.

    I’ve just started sailing so will need someone whose capable and comfortable to teach me the ropes (or the Halliards 😉) to sail with. I’d like to leave as early as this month (March) and can be super flexible with schedule, and the time it takes us to get up there.

    I’m not sure why I’m being called to go there, but I feel it in my bones.

    I’d like to be there by Winter.

    I’m looking for a fun, young (or young at heart) and energetic crew to sail with. I’m eager to learn and super fun to be around.

    Really forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    0400 786 910


  19. Barry Nicholls

    HI Skippers in the 2021 Brisbane to Gladstone Race
    I am keen to find a r crewing opportunity on SYC yachts on the return leg from Gladstone anytime after 5th April. I am already sailing in the race on South Passage departing 2nd April so I am available to crew for the return voyage. I have the necessary quals and experience incl current First Aid. I am an experienced helmsman and crew member on sports boats (Cork 1720’s), and keelers
    I am available most times and days currently due to COVID work collapse. I also hold a Coastal Yacht master ticket from New Zealand.
    Please contact Barry 0404032446 or

  20. Paul

    Hi all, I’m Paul
    I’m 39, fit, keen, reliable and a quick leaner. I I don’t have any sailing experience, but i’m keen to get out there and learn.
    Im originally from the UK and now based on the northern end of the Gold Coast and available 7 days a week.
    Give me a call if you have anything available

  21. Alan Heward

    Hi Chris,

    I race Irish Mist a lavranos charger 33 in Nelson NZ.
    I would love to come over…covid permitting, sometime and race with yo on fourlove.
    My email is

    Alan Heward

  22. Dean Brandt

    I have quite a bit of sail experience and am about to tackle a Yachtmaster certification. have raced Hamilton series and sailed up there and back. am also negotiating a Syd to Hobart spot should the race go ahead this year. Happy to join any crew in any role, race or social sail

  23. Simon Griffiths


    Looking for a support boat for a day (happy to pay) for the World Series Swimming Marathon,
    WHEN: Sat 29th May 2021.
    HOW LONG: Whole day from 5am-5pm
    LOCATION: Coolangatta to Surfers.

    Any leads would be most appreciated. Please call, text or email

    Simon Griffiths

  24. Kevin Clarkson

    Hi All

    i have a sports boat Shaw 650 Lickety split looking for experienced bowperson to sail Saturdays and some regattas. at Hollywell.

    contact Kevin 0411176603

  25. Colin Fitzpatrick


    Keen to crew. Available Sunday, Monday, Tuesday most weeks and can arrange other days. I am RYA yachtmaster offshore (sailing, commercially endorsed), RYA advanced powerboat (commercially endorsed) and an advanced diving instructor.

    Telephone 0414 106 264 or email


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