Southport Yacht Club are currently fundraising for the implementation of Volunteer Co-Ordinator. This position will provide a contact point for all our volunteers, particularly within the junior and youth divisions. We envisage this role will give full support, administration and rostering, advice and training to the volunteer base across SYC.

Running over 500 Club races, numerous regattas, and training over 6,000 youth sailors annually, the introduction of a Volunteer Coordinator is imperative to ensuring a professional standard for our team.

At SYC we value the dedication, passion, and most importantly the time our volunteers offer us, and the sport of sailing. As a Club we feel this group deserve the utmost recognition for the part they play within the sport of sailing, along with training to develop their skills to the next level.

Southport Yacht Club take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation, and for supporting Volunteers & Sailing across Australia.