Cruising Rules

  • All SYC vessels on a cruise must have an SYC Gold member (or equivalent Country, Senior, Life) onboard for the duration of the cruise.
  • All SYC vessels participating in a cruise must be on the club register.
  • All SYC vessels participating in a cruise must submit a Season Registration form.
  • All participating vessels should fly the Club burgee.
  • Vessels from reciprocal clubs may join cruises by application to the Membership Co-ordinator.
  • All participants must be aware that they are solely responsible for their own boats at all times.
  • Cruise participants, please monitor VHF CH 72, unless otherwise advised, during the cruise.
  • The Cruise Leader or Deputy will maintain radio skeds at 0804 and 1504 on VHF Ch 72 to keep you advised of any changes.
  • To be eligible to win a lucky draw prize, participants need to be Gold, Country, Senior, Life or Related Associate Member and have been on a vessel registered for that cruise and present in person at that draw.