PRIVACY OF INFORMATION POLICY as at April 2012 The Southport Yacht Club Inc. is committed to the privacy of your personal information; such as your name, address, gender etc; as supplied by you in your interaction with the Club under the Privacy Act 1988 (amended 2001). Southport Yacht Club Inc. will use the information to provide its facilities and services to you and also to plan new services and improve on existing ones. The Club will only collect your personal information that is necessary for us to meet or fulfil our activities and functions. If you choose not to give the required information, your request for Club membership and access to Club facilities and services may be denied. The Club will seek your consent before releasing your personal information, where lawful and practicable and will only disclose your personal information to a third party and for secondary purposes to the extent provided by the Privacy Act 1988 (amended 2001). The Club will put in place appropriate measures to safeguard your personal information. You have the right to know what type of information is held about you by the Club and also the right to access and correct your personal information. The Club has a designated staff member whom you can contact if you require any clarification on this privacy statement or have a privacy complaint. By Order of Management Southport Yacht Club Inc.



Social Media Policy

SYC utilize a variety of social media outlets to promote the Club, its divisions, activities and as a forum for members, and guests, to share content, images or experiences, in line with Club policy and values.

SYC maintain administration rights to all SYC social media sites, with representatives from Board, or Committees, given rights during their appointment where applicable.

As such, it is extremely important that the values, reputation, and good standing of the Club, along with the reputation of the sport of sailing, and the activities associated with boating, be maintained in good order and high esteem.

Anyone utilising any form of social media, in a manner which is deemed unsatisfactory to the Club, and its values, shall be seen as breaching this policy and will be dealt with accordingly. This policy applies to all members of SYC.

Social Media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Page, or group, on a social or business networking pages, or any online forum (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blog sites, etc.);
  • Commenting on any pages, sites, forums, blogs, for either personal or business purposes. This includes commenting on product pages, or leaving reviews, especially in relation to sponsors, supporters, or partners of the Club;
  • Editing any online pages or sites, such as Wikipedia.

The intent of this policy is to provide a framework and guidance for appropriate use of Social Media, so as not to discriminate, offend, or segregate anyone in the community. Members must not post or link to any libellous, defamatory, or harassing content, intimidating or humiliating content or content that may have a negative effect, abide by any and all Australian laws governing the use of social media, as well as ensuring our reputation and values are held in high esteem.

SYC regularly monitor social media sites and ensure that this policy is upheld. Should a breach of the policy be found it should be reported to SYC via the Chairman of the Board.

A breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action by SYC under the Code of Conduct, and The Rules & By-Laws. In some cases, cyberbullying, bullying, defamation, harassment, intimidating or humiliating content, etc., are all matters considered to be criminal offences that may be reported to the police.


Returns Policy:

Boutique Merchandise: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Southport Yacht Club, you can return the product and get a full refund or replacement.

You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt.

Refunds will be credited back to Membership cards or if not a member credited back to customers’ Visa, MasterCard or AMEX.

To return your order: Please send to Admin Manager c/o Southport Yacht Club, 1 MacArthur Parade, Main Beach QLD 4217.

Membership purchases: No refunds.