SYC has a proud tradition of conducting Navigation Rallies. The first SYC event was held in 1959 and has grown into an annual series of nine events. Included in the series are two sub-series- the Dux Series and the Broadwater Series. We also compete against RQYS in the annual Goodwill cup.

The events are a test of navigation and boat control. Skipper nominate a speed the boat will operate at over a measured course. Most events are held over a course of about 10 nautical miles, the event includes legs or varying lengths and many turns, the secret checkpoints along the course and the winner are decided by how early or late each boat is at each checkpoint. One point per second is added to each boat’s score at each checkpoint. The boat with the lowest number of points over the whole course is the winner. Boats of varying sizes and speed can compete in these events on an equal basis.

The events have evolved over time, checkpoints used to be manned and times are taken manually, a few years ago electronic devices were introduced to records the start and finish time and the arrival time at each secret checkpoint. Up until a few years ago, no electronic navigation aids were allowed to be used on competing boats, after experimenting in using GPOS I navigation events, competitors decided to allow the use of GPS in all events commencing in 2011-12.

A presentation is held after each event including a Sausage Sizzle and refreshments. Prizes are awarded for the lowest score at each checkpoint and first, second and third overall, a handicap section is also conducted, handicaps are determined by performance in previous events. Points from each event count towards the SYC Championships and the two sub-series – Dux Series and Broadwater Series. A formal annual presentation Dinner is held at the end of the season in July.



The enter the vessel owner is required to be a Gold Member or equivalent and have the vessel registration with the SYC office. With the registration, a competition number is allotted and the Club burgee can be flown ion the vessel (required in events).

SYC has a computer program know as Pisces which is made available to all competitors, the program contains the season events and it allows run sheets to be produced for each event after entering the boat speed.

The Powerboat Committee will provide assistance in using Pisces and also show you how to make the best use of the run sheet and information from your GPS to get you into the swing of navigation events.



So there are no excuses to leave your boat tied up to the jetty on the trailer, come on join in the fun, challenge and camaraderie of Navigation Events. For more details contact reception at the club or email membership@southportyachtclub.com.au