Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge


Sailors all around the country will soon be competing to be recognised as the newest champion, with Australian Sailing launching the Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge.  Throughout April and May of this year, members of Australian Sailing affiliated clubs will be competing in a series of races on the Virtual Regatta platform to be crowned the inaugural Zhik Australian eSailng National Challenge champion.

Governed by the World Sailing Virtual Rules of Sailing, the Zhik Australian eSailing National Challgenge closely matches the real-world rules and formats that govern on-the-water racing. The in-game ‘Sailing School’ provides a clear explanation of the sport and a new and effective learning tool to familiarise players with the strategies, tactics and terminology of sailing.

Australian Sailing would like to thank our partners at Zhik for their support of the Australian eSailing National Challenge and for their ongoing support of sailing in Australia.

Here’s how it will work:

Round 1: Club Championships
Clubs around Australia will be invited to host their own Virtual Regatta club championships, with one club champion proceeding to the next stage of the challenge. Clubs who are unable to run a Club Championships or do not have sufficient entries may still forward a Club Champion to Australian Sailing. Club champions must be decided by Monday 18 May. If Clubs receive more than 20 entries, then please see guidance on how clubs can allow all competitors to compete using qualifying rounds and finals.

Round 2: State Championships
Each club champion will then represent their club at one of the Australian Sailing eSailing State Championships across the weekend of 22-24 May. The top two finishers at each State Championship will proceed to the next stage. Where possible, the regattas will be live streamed on the Australian Sailing state Facebook pages.

Round 3: National Challenge
On Thursday 28 May the sixteen state representatives will compete in the inaugural Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge regatta. Here they will be joined by three members of the Australian Sailing Team, including reigning back-to-back European Laser Champion and Tokyo 2020 representative Matt Wearn. The winner of the regatta will be crowned the Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge champion and be sent a prize pack from our partners at Zhik.

The regatta will be live streamed, ensuring clubs and states and cheer on their representatives live!


Date Event
Thursday 22 April Club Officials sent nomination information via Club News email
Friday 8 May Final date for clubs to register for the Challenge
Monday 18 May Final date for clubs to send their champions to Australian Sailing
Friday 22-Sunday 24 May State eSailing Championship Round Robins and Finals
Thursday 28 May Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge (Live Streamed)

Club Entries and Nominations

Clubs will need to register their club to complete by Friday 8 May, click here to complete the registration form.

Nominated Club officials in the RevSport database will receive information on how to nominate their Club Champion via a dedicated Club News email on Thursday 23 April. Please click here to ensure your club’s key contacts are updated.

To run Club champoinship regattas one club member will need to purchase a VIP pass for $13.99 for one month. Only one VIP pass is required to run custom races for your club.

Sailing Instructions, Notice of Race and Guidance:

  • Please find Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions here.
  • Please find the Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge Guidance for Clubs here.
  • It is worth clubs familiarising themselves with World Sailing Racing Rules of eSailing here.
  • Please find a guide to holding private ‘custom’ races here.

Southport Yacht Club are registered for our members to race on:
Thursday 14th May from 1600hrs – 1800hrs ( 2x1hours sessions where each session can have up to 19 members racing)
Saturday 16th May from 0900hrs – 1100 hrs (again 2x1hours sessions where each session can have up to 19 members racing)