GPS Navigation Challenge 2022

The Qoin GPS Navigation Challenge is comprised of a Short Course and a Marathon event, each of which will determine place getters based on “minimum points lost” in two separate speed categories, defined as Category 1 equal to a speed over ground of between 5 and 9.99 knots and Category 2 defined as a speed over ground equal to or greater than 10 knots, but not exceeding 20.0 knots. A competitor must complete both the Short Course and Marathon event, with the “minimum points lost” for both events combined to equal the vessel’s score in qualification for a place in the Qoin GPS Challenge. The cash prizes will be awarded to the best 40% of each speed category. In addition the top 3 vessels in each category in each event will attract prizes.


Friday, April 29th 15:00 
Muster at SYC Dux Facility for Tack Tracker allocation and a complimentary drink with a BBQ during the afternoon.

Competitors having already collected Tack Trackers may skip this muster and proceed to the Qoin Short Course Navigation event on Saturday morning, ensuring that the area 200 meters before the start line is clear at all times, with vessels only entering the area in preparation to start, or if approaching the start line to arrive at the event, in which case care must be taken not to interfere with the start of another vessel.
See Competition Rules below.

Saturday, April 30th – Qoin Short Course GPS Event

08:30 – First Boats away returning to SYC Dux via Tippler’s Passage.

Saturday Afternoon – Qoin Marathon GPS Event to SYC Main Beach

12:30 – First Boats away from Dux Channel to arrive at SYC Main Beach where berthing will be provided.

Saturday Evening – Qoin GPS Navigation Challenge Celebration




*Please note you will be required to  ‘Download’ form, save to desktop, OPEN form, fill and then submit. After submission, you will be redirected to a payment page (this could take 30sec to load – do not close browser).